Five Under Five #1: 9G Records

Dance music has has exploded in the years since this blog began, but for fans size is not all that counts.  The interest of the majors in EDM is here to stay and it represents the mainstream arm of a global dance sound still driven by boutique, vanity, and independent labels. After all, no matter how big the festival or bright the headliner, tunes from new and established independent labels dominate the sets. These labels are the primary incubators of dance music talent.

This series of posts recognizes that fact that interest in EDM comes from the ceaseless drive of individual tastemakers and tunemakers to make dance music available to people who want to listen to it.   I will point out five more or less new labels that are worth listening to—the only thing they all have in common is releasing amazing music.  None of them have been around for more than 5 years but all of them release some of the best dance music out there!

First up:

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Kris Menace Dj Mix

Been a while since I’ve posted, but things are going again so there will be more in the days to come. This mix by Menace was made on January 3rd, 2010 to support the tenth anniversary of his Work it Baby label (see below). It pretty amazing stuff. I played it a coule of weeks ago during my radio show on WKNC and had a great response. It’s definitely something to check out. That Poni Hoax track blew my mind! I hadn’t heard of them before, and now can’t wait to hear more! Here’s the playlist with the track below:

Little Boots – Earthquake(Dekker and Johan Remix)
lullabies -aeroplane remix
myers briggs – red cooler
ryan davis – vanderbird
aphex twin – on
stephan bodzin – mustang
badly drawn boy – promises
metro area – mirua
pony hoax – antibodies 128
rozzo – blue
instra-mental – leave it all behind
oliver koletzski – sure i can dyno
skatebard – pagans