Special Feature: A Summer of Dub(step)

Isaac Haile Selassie
It is hot outside. On top of that, it seems that when there’s not a new disaster in the headlines it’s the same one for weeks. . . How about some dubbed out electronic music to calm the passions in these days when the frustration of being frustrated is, well, frustrating? When rephlektor ink and Eighth Dimension both sent dub-inspired tunes around the same time, it was serendipity. More sets are on the way from Soul Reflector, but in the meantime here are two tracks for a summer of dub.

-Hear the tracks inside!


Gavin Russom/Crystal Ark Top 10 Chart

Gavin Russom in two places at once.

Gavin Russom has been one of my favorite artists on DFA since the Black Leotard Front’s “Casual Friday” from 2004. I still buy DFA singles on vinyl, and I’m pretty good about taking care of records, but not Gavin Russom’s stuff–Black Leotard Front and Black Meteoric Star were played ragged. Now he’s back as Crystal Ark. I’m listening and playing out digitally mostly these days, so I don’t have to worry about destroying another fine medium of recorded sound. . .whew! Save the vinyl.

Check out the chart below along with the instrumental of his new single “The City Never Sleeps.”
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