Tech-house Slices: Marco Corona & rEJEKTS

Its been forever. But its summer again, and content is king so its time for some updates. I figured that it would be best to get things going with some upcoming brilliance of the tech house variety. A little while I had the pleasure of catching Marco Corona on when Ritchie Hawtin flashed the news on Facebook. It was a remarkable set to watch even if beamed through cyberspace. Glad I saw it. Recently I’ve had the pleasure of grooving to Corona’s Tech House ’70 vol. 1. . .Spectacular tunes on that one! Here’s one of them:

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Summer Series part 3: Randy Seidman at House of Blues Chicago

Chicago has a long and distinguished history in American music–once a center of American blues music through the storied Chess Records, one of its most recent claims to fame is as the christening place of house music. Rising out of the dynamite and steamrollers of Kaminski Park, house music is now one of the truly global forms of music. In fact, many of the Chicago pioneers–Frankie Knuckles, Jesse Saunders, and DJ Pierre–continue to tour the world as legends who have managed to remain fresh and cutting edge.

Like all forms of music house is as much about its present and future as its history. Randy Seidman work behind the scenes of the music industry has gained him as much attention as his work behind the decks and in the studio. His career as a DJ and producer has paralleled one as a tour manager for artists across a range of musical communities from hip-hop to dancehall to psy-trance.

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Special Feature: A Summer of Dub(step)

Isaac Haile Selassie
It is hot outside. On top of that, it seems that when there’s not a new disaster in the headlines it’s the same one for weeks. . . How about some dubbed out electronic music to calm the passions in these days when the frustration of being frustrated is, well, frustrating? When rephlektor ink and Eighth Dimension both sent dub-inspired tunes around the same time, it was serendipity. More sets are on the way from Soul Reflector, but in the meantime here are two tracks for a summer of dub.

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Snuff Crew-Berghain EP


The Snuff Crew are a duo out of Berlin producing a jacking Chicago style house with a dark edge. Their Berghain EP on International Deejay Gigolos is the part of a steady stream of production efforts since the end of 2008. There’s a lot to this sound—it manages to be mysterious and ethereal but also tough and, well, sinister. Both of the tracks on the Berghain EP fall like nighttime with bright synths rising to shine like the moon. The ode to Berlin nightclub Berghain is driving and hypnotic, while the title track is a classic jacking number. Everything is very sparse and the deliberate minimalism adds significantly to the impact of the tracks. The Crew seems as mysterious as their music as the photo above shows. They maybe what I like to call a total package—their talent is productive and innovative; their image is unique and fitting; their sound is relevant and timeless. . . Absolute top quality stuff! Check the set from them below.


Snuff Crew Mix Series 001