Dimitri from Paris-Get Down with the Philly Sound Sampler

Disco means a lot of things to a lot of people, but most people don’t know much about it. To some, disco will permanently mean Saturday Night Fever and Abba. Dimitri from Paris’s upcoming compilation looks at where the disco sound came from, and listeners might get a new sense of where the sound went.

Get Down with the Philly Sound highlights the origins of disco in the soulful sound of Philadelphia, better known as The Philly Sound. No Bee Gees here, but lots of Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes and groups from iconic label Gamble and Huff. In this promotional mix, Dimitri narrates a selection of tracks from the mix–it has lots of the music featuring the voice of the late and truly great Teddy Pendergras to whom the mix (and this post) is dedicated.
-mix inside


Black Van- True Love Mix

Black Van‘s True Love mix is space-age disco-soul from Kris Menace and KoweSix of Moonbotica. This set is released in support of their dazzling new single, “Yearning” out on DFA Records. The single is a dazzling, atmospheric number backed by a remix from The Emperor Machine.
Black Van’s cool vibe is a departure for both artists, who are known more for anthemic, big tunes. On the set, the tunes are anthemic but in a different way–when the Marvin Gaye sample floats out of horns singing about pain and love clearly we’re in a place of classic soul and electrified disco. I always admire sets and tunes that both push a sound forward, but can also glance back without the nostalgia. I’m definitely looking forward to the full length release from these guys!
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