Soulreflector is a blog about the art of mixing, and it will grow around that basic subject. I’ll present the best mixes that I find, and review new releases. With the first year done, expect more frequent updates and expanded content. For starters, expect a few more individual tracks, and to hear about good books on electronic music. Ultimately I’d like this blog to peek behind the scenes too. After all, mixing happens for a crowd and also an industry. What are the challenges faced by marketers and label heads in getting established and finding audiences and talent? What are good up to date resources on music as a business? This blog my attempt to write back to the art of mixing in house and techno because it speaks to me as an art form and impresses me as a global industry. So I want it to be entertaining and useful. My only rule in writing reviews is no hatchet jobs: I’d rater not write about stuff I don’t like because I’d have to spend too much time with it. Last but not least, everything that I post or link to in this site is presented in the good faith of review purposes. I just want to spread the word about what catches my ear, and as much as possible I confirm that it is OK to put it up here before I talk about it.


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