Gabriel & Dresden’s Mixed for Feet Vol. 1

Today, Gabriel and Dresden’s new double CD mix Mixed for Feet is released.  The title could not be more fitting.  Reunited after three years on solo projects, Gabriel & Dresden are now in the middle of a North American and European Tour.  This weekend, in fact, they are headlining New York’s Electric Zoo festival on September 4th.  That’s good news for fans of house music–a trance influenced direction of the house sound has taken hold of popular taste.  The call of the day continues to be genre-crossing, and Gabriel and Dresden are on the pulse of the moment with this mix.  Along with tracks from Gabriel & Dresden themselves, there are tunes by Tiësto, Umek, Felguk, Dada Life, and Fedde Le Grand in the mix here.  That type of range in selection is the surest sign of the current era of electronic music.
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What an era it is by the sound of it!  One the finest sequences on these mixes happens on the second disc: Gabriel & Dresden’s own “Dust in the Wind,” which features the vocals of Molly Bancroft is massive and anthemic, all lilting piano and reverb until the beat drops into a blend with the intense, no-nonsense banger “Eponym” by D-Wayne and Jacob Van Hange.  The driving pulse of Eponym soon gives way to the melodic synths of Funkagenda and Adam K’s “Drift.”  This trifecta is an example of what a DJ does, and why crowds love it.  Music selection makes a difference, and, yes, for electronic music the medium is the message.  Each of these songs on its own makes for great listening, but when put together into a set something very human and emotional takes place.

There are plenty of further examples to draw from across these two discs.  The first  CD especially is a gem and makes for great for virtually any setting dancefloor, gym, headphones, take your pick.  Mixed for Feet puts a phenomenal spotlight on the reunited Gabriel and Dresden–Welcome back!


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