Dj Pierre & Green Velvet Vs. Phuture Acid Trax 2011 on Afro Acid Digital/Plastik

House has its history like every other form of music– there are books about it; documentaries about it; it even appears in movies (what’s that playing at the Hacienda?).  It was born recently enough that more often than not the story is told by the people who were there to see the beginning.  A classic house song like Phuture’s Acid Trax, therefore, is no secret but known the world over.  Phuture began as a trio of Chicagoans in early house music: Spanky, Herb J, and DJ Pierre, who had a rare gift for minting new genres as he made music.

In 1981, Roland Corporation introduced TB-303: The Bass Line, invented by Tadao Kikumoto.  In 1987, the Chicago-trio Phuture would release “Acid Tracks.”  DJ Pierre made new possibilities for the bassline in house music.  Chicago’s “Acid” House sound had an audience around the world.  Around the same time DC Comics was issuing its Watchmen graphic novel, and the smiley face worn by the Comedian in that series became the icon of the sound.  Fast forward to 2011, and DJ Pierre is now a legend of Chicago house music having pioneered progressive and wildpitch styles of house as well.  Pierre teams up with another legend of Chicago House music, Green Velvet and they cover the classic in rare fashion.  This EP has another major producer out of Chicago as well, Angel Alanis.  Angel Alanis’s pulsing tech house remix features the producer at the top of his form, and he pairs his remix with a remarkable dub version.  Kris Menace rounds out the major talent on this EP with an electro remix filled with languid synths and a sharpened techno edge.  This EP is in fact an homage to a crucial song of global dance music who’s influence continues to be a heard and felt to this day.


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