Tech-house Slices: Marco Corona & rEJEKTS

Its been forever. But its summer again, and content is king so its time for some updates. I figured that it would be best to get things going with some upcoming brilliance of the tech house variety. A little while I had the pleasure of catching Marco Corona on when Ritchie Hawtin flashed the news on Facebook. It was a remarkable set to watch even if beamed through cyberspace. Glad I saw it. Recently I’ve had the pleasure of grooving to Corona’s Tech House ’70 vol. 1. . .Spectacular tunes on that one! Here’s one of them:

” />

Also for your listening pleasure Corona has whipped up a banging mix for the start of summer. From its first minute Corona goes for a massive sound that just sweeps you away in its high energy groove. Definitely tech-house at its very best, and from a maestro.

Marco Corona’s upcoming material is definitely exciting, but there are more reasons for excitement.

The summer heat means hot tunes, and tech house label rEJEKTS is revving up for a new release from Gamal Kabar. This release is great for a couple of reasons.  First of all its the fifth release on rEJEKTS, and its been about a year since the label has had a new release.  This EP pounds out serious dance floor grooves from start to finish.  My personal favorite is the track Unsure Future, which has been a long time in coming:

Despite the time between releases rEJEKTS has stayed busy.  On the EP up coming there’s a stellar remix of the releases second track “Bucca”

To support this upcoming EP Iain Taylor has put together a mix in support of the release…”Das Uber Trendy.”  This one grooves hard, and spotlights Gamal Kabar’s music.  Cool listening for hot weather!

Speaking of which there will be plenty more to come so be sure to subscribe and/or check back regularly for updates!


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