Summer Series pt 5: Don Rimini- NLarge Your Street Tease Mix

Don Rimini’s new Nlarge Your Pants EP is one of the best releases of the summer. I’ve already written about it over at NoVegans, so I won’t repeat myself here. I will say though that while every song on the release won’t be to everyone’s taste, Don Rimini’s impeccable blending of influences does make his EP standout affair. Rimini adds to the Summer Series this week with a mix dropped in support of the EP. With some of the best material from the EP here, the mix showcases Rimini’s electrifying vibe. Can a hard-rocking set have charm? I don’t know, it seems like an oxymoron to me, but I think that particular balance is exactly what Rimini strikes in this mix. It gets going, and doesn’t stop, and along the way there is an awful lot to like here! Listen to it once, and you’ll definitely want to get back to house!

Rimini Setilst:

Don Rimini – Riminology
Supabeatz & Landmark – Rhumbla Woohoo
2 In A Room – Carnival (Armand’s Kokonut Killa Mix)
TWR72 – The Creation (Genesis Version)
Brodinski & Noob – Peanuts Club (Serial Chillers Pea Your Nuts Remix)
The Subs – Vomit In Style (Don Rimini Chi Town Remix)
Auto Erotique – Bubonic
Sir James – Special (Bingo Players Remix)
Tony Senghore – If You Came Here
Funke & Lange – I Believe
French Fries – Senta
Don Rimini – Whatever
Djedjotronic – Computer Jerk
Pink A Pads – Out For The Count (Breega Remix)
Kenny Dope – Jam The Mace
Dirty Super Car – Get A Grip (The Loops Of Fury Remix)
Dolby Anol – Weapons Of Mass Distraction
Speaker Junk – Run The Track
Modek – Quasimodo


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