Summer Series 4: Tevo Howard at Roof.FM

It’s another week, and I’ve got another mix out of Chi-town for you. . . A while back, I bought Tevo Howard’s vinyl pressing of “Passion Sounds,” “Inter-Tribal,” and “Dreamer’s Reason.” A fantastic group of songs, the record quickly began appearing regularly on the playlists of the radio show I was doing at the time. I didn’t know much about Tevo Howard, but wanted to hear and know more. Surprise, surprise I ran across his mix on for the website Turns out there’s a reason his tunes were so polished and surprising–he was a well know DJ in Chicago in 1990, making rounds in clubs throughout the city and on the radio when only fourteen years old! Wow! That was 1990, and now the wunderkind is all grown up, and making remarkable music.
His twenty years or so years of experience on the decks shows in the precision of this pop-inflected mix of deep house. The sound is distinct and the set satisfying. Over at soundcloud, they’ve promised to post a setlist, so keep you eyes peeled because some of these tracks are so delicious they are almost edible. Almost.

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