Summer Series part 3: Randy Seidman at House of Blues Chicago

Chicago has a long and distinguished history in American music–once a center of American blues music through the storied Chess Records, one of its most recent claims to fame is as the christening place of house music. Rising out of the dynamite and steamrollers of Kaminski Park, house music is now one of the truly global forms of music. In fact, many of the Chicago pioneers–Frankie Knuckles, Jesse Saunders, and DJ Pierre–continue to tour the world as legends who have managed to remain fresh and cutting edge.

Like all forms of music house is as much about its present and future as its history. Randy Seidman work behind the scenes of the music industry has gained him as much attention as his work behind the decks and in the studio. His career as a DJ and producer has paralleled one as a tour manager for artists across a range of musical communities from hip-hop to dancehall to psy-trance.

Recently posted on his own website, Randy Seidman’s May appearance at the House of Blues in Chicago is the third part of this Summer series. Seidman’s set is a precocious combination of progressive and tech house flavors. Lots to like from this sound which starts big and stays that way. Hearing Seidman is without a doubt listening to the future of house music in the present tense.

If you like his set, by the way, you should check out his new single from my close friends over at PH Recordings. They didn’t ask me to post anything on Seidman’s Green Thumb EP but it is an excellent set of progressive tunes backed by a sleek group of tech house remixes. I am permanently impressed by the endless creativity and savvy among the Porter House family of artists. With the Green Thumb EP’s release the expanding catalogue of PH Recordings remains something to watch.

(BTW: This post also introduces the blog’s new look. If you’ve been here before, what do you think?)

Randy Seidman- House of Blues May 2010


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