Welcome to the Summer Series. part 2: They Came from Planet Turbo

Planet Turbo is one of the biggest and most exciting artist tours going on right now. The rotating lineup will troop across the glob featuring, among others, Brodinski, DMX Krew, Felix Da Housecat, Jesper Dahlbeck and of course the head honcho of the Turbo Recordings label, Tiga. The tour has been going on for a while now, and has already ready gone through Rotterdam, London, Berlin, Sydney, Madrid and Montreal. . .Ibiza, Liege and second stop in London are to come. Being the generous spirits that they are, Planet Turbo has recently been posting some of the incredible sets from the tour on soundcloud, one of my favorite sites. Check out all of the sets at the Turbo page on soundcloud–some from the tour, others from different events.

Here are two recent sets. . .downloadable!

Felix Da Housecat Planet Turbo (Sydney)

Thomas Von Party Planet Turbo (Montreal)


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