Special Feature: A Summer of Dub(step)

Isaac Haile Selassie
It is hot outside. On top of that, it seems that when there’s not a new disaster in the headlines it’s the same one for weeks. . . How about some dubbed out electronic music to calm the passions in these days when the frustration of being frustrated is, well, frustrating? When rephlektor ink and Eighth Dimension both sent dub-inspired tunes around the same time, it was serendipity. More sets are on the way from Soul Reflector, but in the meantime here are two tracks for a summer of dub.

“The Fight, The Spirit” is the work of Ethiopian-born, Los Angeles resident and artist Isaac Haile Salassie and producer/label manager Kenneth James Gibson who records reggae music as dubLoner. The version of the track below was remixed by Kush Arora and balances the electronic elements of dubstep with the classic brass familiar to fans of dub. Both the remix and the original are currently available on the EP “The Fight, The Spirit” from de’fchild productions. The EP also features a second remix of “The Fight, The Spirit” and second original track “Backoff!” that gets a remix treatment from Ruoho Ruotsi.

The Fight, The Spirit (Kush Arora Remix)

Turning from the West Coast to the East, the band Telepath is a bit more down home when it comes to dub: Asheville, North Carolina by way of Philadelphia, PA. This version of the track “Globalized” appears on “Telepath the Remixes,” which features “remix” covers of songs by other bands and fresh takes on the band’s own songs. An ensemble that blends jam band grooves with elements of electronica and world music, Telepath defies genre with its always hybrid sound. “Globalized” is a great example of the band at its dubbiest best–delays and reverbs go through the roof here after a rock-edged introduction. Those effects are a deft reference to Lee Scratch Perry’s innovations that laid the ground work for the growing movement of dubstep–the present, past and future rolled into one. Enjoy!



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