Welcome to the Summer Series. part 2: They Came from Planet Turbo

Planet Turbo is one of the biggest and most exciting artist tours going on right now. The rotating lineup will troop across the glob featuring, among others, Brodinski, DMX Krew, Felix Da Housecat, Jesper Dahlbeck and of course the head honcho of the Turbo Recordings label, Tiga. The tour has been going on for a while now, and has already ready gone through Rotterdam, London, Berlin, Sydney, Madrid and Montreal. . .Ibiza, Liege and second stop in London are to come. Being the generous spirits that they are, Planet Turbo has recently been posting some of the incredible sets from the tour on soundcloud, one of my favorite sites. Check out all of the sets at the Turbo page on soundcloud–some from the tour, others from different events.
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Welcome to the Summer Series. part 1-Kitsuné Ponystep Minimix

So…I’m a huge fan of the Kitsuné series, and its always a delight to get to write about it now that I’ve started blogging. I wrote about the last compilation, The Cotton Issue, over at NoVegans as part of my spring collection series over there. It’s only fitting now that I’m starting a series of posts here at my own blog, that I start with Ponystep, the tenth in the series. So here’s the Minimix by Jerry Bouthier. By the sounds of things Ponystep is going to be a real pleaser. Even better than the rock-tinged idie dance sounds of The Cotton Issue. Anyhow, its a really short mix, but it gives an idea of the what to expect.. . .enjoy!
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James Teej-Indecent Descent, The Spring 2010 Mix

“Evening Harvest,” the debut album from Toronto’s James Teej is out now on Rekids Records. Recently, Teej was touted as the protegé of Rekids’ label honcho Matt Edwards, best known for his work as Radio Slave, and that influence is palpable throughout Teej’s release, but the Canadian’s blend of minimal techno and soul has a singular quality. The deep atmospherics of this sound are part of the mix Teej has released in support of “Evening Harvest.” He calls his spring 2010 mix “Indecent Descent” and showcases the dapper mode of deep techno and house to which Teej’s work belongs. The entire mix runs just short of an hour, and throughout the propulsive drive of the tunes never falls short of emotion. Like the album it supports, Indecent Descent is a sleek and tasteful slice of electronic sound.
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Special Feature: A Summer of Dub(step)

Isaac Haile Selassie
It is hot outside. On top of that, it seems that when there’s not a new disaster in the headlines it’s the same one for weeks. . . How about some dubbed out electronic music to calm the passions in these days when the frustration of being frustrated is, well, frustrating? When rephlektor ink and Eighth Dimension both sent dub-inspired tunes around the same time, it was serendipity. More sets are on the way from Soul Reflector, but in the meantime here are two tracks for a summer of dub.

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R&R’s Chilly Summer Mix by Rodriguez Jr Vs Marc Romboy

New on Systematic Recordings “Lac De Nivelles” by Rodriguez Jr vs Marc Romboy is undoubtedly a great song. A tech-house masterpiece of minimalism, I would not be surprised if it were not the hit of the summer. As dance music, it’s almost perfect, striking the right balance of atmosphere and groove-a rarity and pleasure to listen and or to play. Soulreflector is happy is to present a set in support of this brilliant song. “Lac De Nivelles” itself starts things off, and the selection of tunes become a sojourn into the many hues of tech-house. No disappointments in the electrifying build of the set. I’ve also included the Glimpse remix of the Track, which is almost as good as the original. Almost!
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