Solvent – Subject To Shift

Robotic electronica is forever. Every once in a while its interest reaches a critical mass–then it gets a new moniker and dudded up as a trendy Next Big Thing. That’s not a good or bad thing. Its just what happens. When a synth-pop artist survives such revivals they are apt to be like Jason Amms aka Solvent. Solvent’s new artist album Subject to Shift comes out on Ghostly International on May 25th. It’s a reminder of why syth-pop revivals happen at all. This is punky, robotic stuff with an edge–all analog synths and vintage electronic atmospherics. Subject to Shift can feel whimsical, but it keeps the dullness of mere kitsch at bay in each song, most of which like “Formulate” and “Take Me Home” are darkly brilliant.

In support of Solvent’s new album, Soul Reflector is also glad to be reposting Solvent’s recent set from Ghostly International’s podcast. The label pretty accurately describes this one: “a selection of raw analog-synthesizer music, from lo-fi industrial to melodic synth pop.” Check the set and a couple of songs from the release!

Solvent-DJ Set
Shift Work

from Subject to Shift

No One Should Be Living Here

Caught a Glimpse

Loss for Words (Solvent’s CompuRhythm Mix)

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