Layo and Bushwacka Studio Mix

Here’s a mix from *the* Layo and Bushwacka. These guys need no introduction, and this mix is unsurprisingly first class. It’s been dropped in support of their new track “The Longest Day” out now on their label Olmeto Records. The release features an original mix with fantastic, spacious percussion, backed by a driving floor-filling remix by Mirko Longo. Check it out. Seriously. . .Check. It. Out.

In the meantime, listen to this great set!

1. Jon Reynolds-Matroska, Original Mix (Landed Productions)
2. Martin Buttrich – Back It Up
3. Sunpads-The Illusionist (Neurotraxx)
4. Luca Doobie-Backwards, Original Mix (SoundSelective)
5. Rich Jones-Perseid, Original Mix (8 Sided Dice)
6. Roberto Procaccini-The Place Of Animals, Original (Empro Music)
7. Raul Mezcolanza-Wook (Lactik Records)
8. Luca Doobie-Neptune, Original Mix (SoundSelective)
9. Talal_and_Zoi-At The Bottom, Namito’s Green House Mix (Bosphorus Underground Recordings)
10. Vincent Thomas-Heureka (Great Stuff Recordings)
11. Wouter De Moor & Gideon Bouwens-10th We_Don’t_Know, Original (Mindshake Records)
12. Artur Grek & Tim F.Resh-Recessed, Original Mix (Physical Gravity Recordings)
13. Martin Buttrich – Stop Motion


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