Work it Baby turns 10 (& Patrick Alavi’s “Power-Kris Menace Remix”)

Kris Menace‘s Work it Baby label is celebrating its tenth anniversary. Part of the celebration is a double CD set that make s the label’s amazing catalogue available in one place. The first CD features recent and unreleased tracks from the label that includes. With this posting I’m including one of the best tracks from the CD.

Work It Baby is a French House label that specializes in an energetic synth driven sound that takes inspiration from the west coast disco sounds of, say, Patrick Cowley. But this is not some Hi-NRG rehash–the releases consistent are more than the sum of their influences. That’s a good thing in this case–the sound of San Fran. disco can pretty easily become shlocky and cheeseball. Work It Baby is _never_ like that. Their tracks are invariably mostly propulsive dancefloor monsters that manage to strike chords that are at time down right inspiring. Ten years is a long time to be cutting edge in a genre like electronic music-everything is about the future, what is to come, what’s next, the new directions. Any artitst or labels who rest on their laurels for too long are pretty soon played out when they play out. Menace is still generating excitement through both of his labels. (Compuphonic is the other.)

Work It Baby, well, works it. One of the surest signs of that is the selection of artists in its catalogue. Patrick Alavi of Germany has been shining more brightly with each release. His own boutique label, roXour, is celebrating its 5th anniversary right now. His 2004 track “Power” gets a remix from Menace for the anniversary disc. This track manages to showcases all of the best features of the label-an extraordinary build with increasingly complex synth elements that final explode into an aurora borealis of color. The music is like a laser light show, and no worhtwhile dancefloor could resist this track for very long–Menace’s skillful briliance is that he so ably brings his voice to an artist’s track without undermining the spirit what made the original so fantastic in the first place.

Patrick Alavi deep in thought. . . . .


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