Snuff Crew-Berghain EP


The Snuff Crew are a duo out of Berlin producing a jacking Chicago style house with a dark edge. Their Berghain EP on International Deejay Gigolos is the part of a steady stream of production efforts since the end of 2008. There’s a lot to this sound—it manages to be mysterious and ethereal but also tough and, well, sinister. Both of the tracks on the Berghain EP fall like nighttime with bright synths rising to shine like the moon. The ode to Berlin nightclub Berghain is driving and hypnotic, while the title track is a classic jacking number. Everything is very sparse and the deliberate minimalism adds significantly to the impact of the tracks. The Crew seems as mysterious as their music as the photo above shows. They maybe what I like to call a total package—their talent is productive and innovative; their image is unique and fitting; their sound is relevant and timeless. . . Absolute top quality stuff! Check the set from them below.


Snuff Crew Mix Series 001


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