Vinyl Life-Jack the Hype


Here’s is a cool mix of hip-hop, electro, and techno from Vinyl Life, a trio out NYC at the moment making some buzz with their upcoming, self titled artist album. It’s a very cool, retro synths and well worth checking out. Wrote a little more on these guys over at the blog for WKNC.

Check out “Jack the Hype!”

Fast Eddie–Yo Yo Get Funky
Sterling Void–Serve it Up
N-Joi–Techno Gangsters
Hugg and Pepp–Snabeln
Doug Lazy–Let it Roll
Twin–For Those Who Like To Move
Fast Eddie–Jack to the Sound
Nightmares on Wax–I’m for Real
The Crucibles–The Letter (contagious Dub)
Joey Beltram–Energy Flash
Josh Wink–516 Acid
Zombie Nation–Filter Jerks
Fast Eddie–Acid Thunder
Fake Blood–Mars
Giorgio Moroder–The Chase
Adonis–no Way Back
Bang the Box–Jack Master
Continuous Cool–Manual
Second Phase–Mentalism


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